5 Useful Tips to Quit Smoking

Tobacco addiction is one of the most extensive in our society. Nicotine generates a feeling of well-being in us that hooks us up from the first cigarette. In addition, social reinforcement and group pressure are the main causes of which we start smoking.

Quitting smoking is difficult not only because of the euphoric effects of tobacco, but also because of the unpleasant effects you feel when you try to quit. That’s why it is easy to have a relapse after have gone a few days without smoking.


To overcome the habit of smoking there are many techniques that make it effective. We offer you 5 useful tips to quit tobacco:

  1. Set a deadline to quit smoking. Choosing a definite date will help you to feel happy, since you will have a concrete limit. To make it easier to meet your goal on that deadline go to leaving progressively a few days before. Also, comment your goal with your family and friends that you feel more supported and committed to your decision. In addition,  you can register the cigarettes you smoked before that deadline, and see how much money you spent on smoking. Quitting smoking helps you to feel better, to have good health and not feel dependence, and at the same time, you can save some money.
  2. Observe your behavior. At what times of the day do you smoke? In what places? Understanding what situations and moments we associate with tobacco helps us to know what prompts us to smoke. For example, sometimes we can associate smoking with having a coffee in the morning, staying with a friend who also smokes it or waiting for the bus. Identifying what prompts you to smoke helps you recognize the sensations you associate with nicotine and, therefore, learn to handle them in an alternative way. For example, you can have tea for breakfast instead of coffee, take a walk instead of staying at home, or even eat at a different time or in a different place. Changing your routines helps your mind get rid of its association with the time of day with tobacco.
  3. Practice self-control. Self-control is about finding strategies that change your environment so that it is easier to quit smoking. For example, you can leave the packs in a visible place, or you can sit inside the bars in the place of the terraces.
  4. Believe in yourself. It is important to be confident in your ability to overcome addiction. Self-efficacy is the confidence you have in your abilities to deal with the different situations that arise. It affects the way to send a goal of achievement and achieve an objective or task, and is decisive to achieve or not the goals in your life. For example, I’m more likely to study that math test if I think I can pass it. In this way, the most motivated people are the ones who perceive that their actions can be effective, that is, they have the conviction that they have the personal skills that allows them to regulate their actions. Research has shown that the self-efficacy of each individual plays an important role when facing a goal, task or challenge.
  5. Finally, you have the support of your psychologist. To stop smoking requires time, patience and therapeutic assistance. In addition, group work with other people who are quitting tobacco at the same time as us helps us to feel accompanied and motivated in the process, so it has a very positive effect. Quitting smoking can change to a habit that is very installed in us, and for that many times we need help from a professional.

    In short, quitting smoking is possible with the right motivation and help. It is essential that you have the support of your family and friends, as well as a therapist to help you in this process. Self-control, coping skills and social skills are very helpful techniques to overcome addiction and start a new life. But remember, the most important thing is that you tell yourself “I want to quit smoking” and that you commit to it. You know you can get it


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