Mood Disorders

   Depression is a state of sadness or apathy that lasts for more than two weeks and that significantly affects our quality of life.

  A depressive episode is characterized by a feeling of marked sadness, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, feelings of guilt and a feeling of inferiority. These symptoms last at least two weeks and are not due to a grieving death or separation from a loved one. A depressive episode is very painful, and it is important to fight it as soon as possible to avoid becoming chronized and more likely to relapse.

Dysthymia is a sad or apathetic chronic mood. The feeling of sadness is less intense, but it is maintained for at least two years. The symptoms are a state of sadness almost every day accompanied by hopelessness, apathy, fatigue, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating and lack (or excess) of appetite.

Combating dysthymia is a hard task, since it can become part of the person’s way of being, which may even seem to forget what it was like before feeling so sad. Therefore,  early intervention is essential for the person’s health. Both depression and dysthymia are treated with the performance of activities, social activities, support from the environment, cognitive restructuring and interpersonal therapy.

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