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   Our aim is to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life of our clients. Mensana Terapia provides psychological therapy and counselling and is a pioneering centre in Madrid for integrative psychology.

   At the Mensana Terapia, clinicians work to help clients resolve their problems instead of just overcoming them. Then, everything improves — moods, relationships, work, school, etc. — even the immune system. Most importantly, you end up being much more able to seek and achieve what you most want in life.

   If you have a psychological problem, it does not mean you are mentally unstable, or that you have an illness in the medical sense. In most cases, it means you have acquired thought processes, habits and patterns of behaviour which are unhelpful and cause suffering to you and/or to those around you.

  We show you how to identify those thought processes and understand what is sustaining them. But above all, we give you the tools and strategies with which to modify them, as well as provide you with the means to develop more adaptive thought processes and behaviour in order to improve your well-being.

   Our team of specialised clinical psychologists has vast experience of treating every major area of psychological problems, such as:

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